Lives Changed... 

Suzi's client's share their  experiences over the years... 

"I was facing really difficult challenges personally and professionally, and it seemed as if I was stuck in making any real progress in my life. I was overwhelmed, depressed, and couldn’t get out of my own negative thinking. Let me tell you how that changed! Suzi is a compassionate and invested person who has incredible empathy. I was immediately put at ease and eager to engage, learn more, and trusted she was sincere and capable. She helped me identify my goals and encouraged me to go after my dreams. Working with her has really been one of the most transformative events of my life and I feel so blessed to have invested in myself, creating a life I deserve, through her support, encouragement, and guidance. Her knowledge and expertise is life altering. Her role in my life has been profound." - Julie R.

"Suzi has helped me in more ways than I ever thought possible! Suzi is energetic, funny, and an amazing soul who I connected with right from the start. Something that typically does not come easy for me. The insight, tools, and information she provides is transforming to say the least. My life has changed and grown in a way that I did not see possible and without her guidance and support I would still be stuck.. Through my work with her I discovered more about myself than I ever have before, found my core values, built confidence, and broke old patterns. I feel I am finally able to live life. I wish I had found her earlier! I am forever grateful and appreciative for the incredible impact she has made on my life. My excuses are gone and yours should be too! Take the first step, you won’t regret it!"  -Hannah U.

"Suzi has helped me gain perspective, build inner strength, set healthy boundaries and live my life according to my own goals and dreams. I learned how to stop doing for everyone else while losing myself by developing skills for self-care, defining my true values, understanding my core beliefs and how they impacted my living and choices, and taking responsibility for myself and choices. Life changing. She is compassionate, she puts so much into what she does, and she really cared about seeing me reach my goals. You can’t put a price on changing your life. Period. " -Carolyne F.

"Suzi shares her own personal experiences and she’s a real life person who has lived what she teaches. She has so much experience and uses humor through her work while at the same time encourages growth, has expectations for moving forward and achieving goals, and holds me accountable. I extended my sessions with her because I couldn’t get enough of her lessons, insight, care, and knowledge. I have learned more in several weeks with Suzi than I have in many sessions with different therapists. Hands down the best investment I have made in myself."  - Alyssa M..

"Suzi is amazing. Period. You work with her, your life will change. Commit to doing the work and she will give you the tools and guidance you need to make the life altering changes. She cares about her work and truly cares about the people she works with. You will feel it." -Chris O.