"Living life with purpose and intention takes work, dedication, and perseverance."


Hey there... 

I’m Suzi and I am beyond excited to meet you! I am a mindset coach, trainer, and speaker, and have worked with individuals and groups for over 20 years helping them gain direction and clarity, clear the mind clutter, find their purpose, and build a meaningful life. Life is full of challenges and difficulties, I know, I’ve been there! But it doesn’t have to take you down or steal your joy. Despite the obstacles we face in life, both big and small, there is a way to move forward and have the dream life you have always desired. That’s where I come in!


How to get there and unravel all of the overwhelm, reduce the feelings of being stuck, and build success in your professional, relational, and personal life is what I am here to help you do! 

Throughout our lives we develop patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. These patterns play out in our day to day living and we fail to recognize how they connect to our struggles, our self-defeating narratives, our overwhelm, and our feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.   


Success is measured uniquely in each person’s life. I am a firm believer in the capability of change and the ability to get through the most challenging times and biggest struggles. I am a living example of having it “all” to barely making ends meet, being at the top of my career to near professional massacre, having “the life” and watching it all crumble before my eyes. I am also a living example of how to restore and rebuild personally, relationally, and professionally, while fighting through the dark storms to get to the other side and truly live a life filled with meaning, connection, and gratitude.  


I am a daughter (adopted at birth) and have had the privilege of meeting my birth parents, with the blessing of my dad and mom as well as my seven, yes seven, siblings. It’s an amazing story that I share openly. I am a mom of three adult children and a “Gammy” of 6 (there’s a story behind that).  My family and friends are the fuel to my soul. 

 I love deeply, going “all in”. Since I was a child, I was fierce in my ability to be a leader, but I was also a giver and doer for others, often at the expense of myself. I lacked clear boundaries, always wanting everyone to be and feel ok, regardless of what that meant for my own needs being met. This created issues in my personal and professional relationships into adulthood, and ultimately almost cost me everything! Not one to show vulnerability, I always “took on the world” with a big smile and no tears, and have learned through some very painful lessons that vulnerability creates deeper connections and deeper connections creates a life more fulfilled. The lessons, how I walked (and sometimes crawled) through , and what my life looks like now is personal and I want to share my truths and victories with others to help them move forward to live a life of purpose full of joy and meaning. 


 If I can rediscover, rebuild, and transform myself, then so can you! Through the dimensions of discovery, restructure and restoration, I will teach you the tools to overcome obstacles, guide you in finding your true strengths, values, and passion. I will help you create goals and a clear action plan that is sustainable and long term which will ultimately elevate the quality of your life.  From there we will begin building that dream life you deserve! 

There is a way & it works! 

Let me take you on a journey of rediscovery, transformation, and restoration over your life!